What is important to you is important to us. Let us lead you to calmer waters.

Orange Coast Family Law, APC provides personalized representation by experienced attorneys who will help you through each step of your family law case.  Our attorneys take the time to help you understand the court process, your options and your rights because we care.  Our attorneys are parents and spouses. We understand the human aspect of family law matters.
From the very beginning of our representation we will have a dialogue with you about the overall strategy for your case. As your case proceeds, we will revisit strategic decision-making when necessary.  We provide the quality representation you deserve, and our confidence and warm professionalism will provide you with reassurance you are in good hands.

“I was referred to Ashley and she is amazing! She has helped with so much even during non-office hours. She is patient and willing to do anything for you. She is very detail oriented and will have your back the entire process. I highly recommend her!”

Heidi O.A Testimonial

Ashley saved me and my son from a toxic situation. She helped me guarantee my son had a healthy happy life by helping me through the custody and divorce process. She was diligent in making sure all of the paper work was done properly and on time. I owe so much to Ashley as my son and I would not have the happy life we have now. She saved my son from growing up in a toxic environment. I know she has heart for this and will work her hardest for her clients. I know because I have seen it first hand. I would definitely recommend her services and I tell all my family and friends about her.

Danielle C.A testimonial

I am grateful to June for her help in my divorce matter. Her calm demeanor and pragmatic approach helped me resolve my custody issues without litigation. She kept me informed throughout the divorce process and always returned my calls. June is trustworthy and reliable, and I am so thankful for her help and guidance. I highly recommend Orange Coast Family Law for your divorce or custody issues.

Julie K.A Testimonial

Ashley helped me during a very difficult time in my life. I suddenly found myself needing to file for divorce. I had two young children; I was emotionally exhausted and had no idea where to begin. Ashley gently walked me through the process and gave me sound advice to aid me in making the best decisions for my family. She was professional and treated me as a priority. She also treated me as a friend in need. Her support got me through the divorce and enabled me to move on with my life.

Kimberly E.A testimonial

“Trying to find a good family law attorney is probably one of the most difficult and painful decisions most people will come across, and finding a good lawyer can make a world of a difference. Ashley Sedaghat provides just that, a world of difference during those difficult moments. Ashley is not only extremely knowledgeable and experienced in her field, but she is also someone who cares about her clients. Her expertise in this area of law puts you at ease and it makes you feel confident you are in good hands. She will answer every and any question you have, and she fill fight for her clients with conviction. I cannot express how grateful and thankful I am to be able to turn to Ashley for help with family law matters, she really is a top notch attorney and a great human being!”

Eunice B.A testimonial

I couldn’t recommend Ashley as an attorney more highly! Ashley is a professional and a hard worker. Her attention to detail and carefulness are exceptional and specifically translate to the actual legal work of filing forms and drafting letters perfectly. Beyond that, her care for others, empathy and kindness make it so her clients feel at ease about an uneasy process and advocated for by an expert. She helped me in an extremely important way through a difficult process.

Jonathan K.A testimonial

Orange Coast Family Law walked me through the divorce process and showed me options to keep costs down. They were professional in every way and communication was very easy. Whenever I raised a question it was answered concisely and very easy to understand. It was not difficult to reach them and messages were promptly returned. I highly recommend them for anyone going through a divorce.

James C.A Testimonial

Ashley's warm and positive attitude immediately put my mind at ease. From that very first call, a huge weight was lifted from my heart and that was because of Ashley's calm vibes and encouraging words and actions. She helped me and my daughters escape long-term domestic abuse and played a huge part in ensuring our safety, and there is nothing more important than that. Having Ashley's support and genuine care made all the difference in our lives and gave me the strength I needed to persevere and ultimately succeed in a situation that once felt impossible. Ashley has been and continues to be there for me in the toughest of times and words cannot express my gratitude. I strongly recommend her to anyone and everyone looking for a calm, confident, and caring attorney to help you and your family get to a place of peace and solace.

Julie M.A testimonial

“Ashley and firm was highly recommended to me by a trusted friend. Ashley and June are extremely helpful and professional. I was amazed on how easy and smooth they made my divorce process for me. They were a delight to work with!! Thank you so much ladies.”

Angelica D.A testimonial
April 6, 2020 in Court Orders, Divorce, Legal Document Preparation

Your Family Law Case is not on Hold During the Court Closures

S.A.F.E. During Court Closures   Is your family law case "on hold" until the courts re-open? No. Certain matters are delayed, but there is work than can and should be done…
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Filing Your Petition for Dissolution of Marriage & the Next Steps

Filing Your Petition for Dissolution of Marriage & the Next Steps Starting Your Dissolution Case To open a dissolution of marriage action in family court, the "Petitioner" (the spouse initiating…
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Registering Your Out-of-State Custody Order

Enforcement of Your Out-of-State Custody Order If you have moved to the state of California from another state, you may register your out-of-state custody order for purposes of enforcement.  Once…
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Disclosure in Divorce

Spouses often wonder whether they have to disclose their separate financial accounts a divorce proceeding.  How about accounts held only in their name? The answer to both questions is yes. California…
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