“Worth it for the Peace of Mind”

Ashley and the team were fantastic. I was not looking forward to hiring a lawyer for a small assistance as I needed but it was worth it for the peace of mind the brought and the accommodation for my case. Nothing but good stuff from Orange Coast Family Law. Thank you for everything!

– Santiago A.

“We Tried to Do Everything Ourselves and it wasn’t Working”

I really didn’t want to go through the court system or hire a lawyer, but we tried to do everything ourselves and it wasn’t working. I was referred to Ashley Sedaghat and couldn’t have been more pleased. Her knowledge, professionalism, and loyalty made my experience well worth it. I was very weary about trusting a lawyer, thinking it was going to be a huge time and money suck, but every penny was well worth it and she fought for me like nobody else would have. I’m very pleased with our outcome and can now enjoy a more amicable co-parenting relationship. I highy recommend her and her partner, June, for all your family law needs.

– Christina P.

“So Caring and Listens”

Highly recommend! This team is so caring and listens to understand and meet the needs of their clients! Forever grateful!

– Laurie

“Responsive and Empathetic”

It was a pleasure working with Ashley and her team, they were all very wonderful. Ashley took the time to explain and answer every question I had along the way. She is truly passionate and caring with what she does. Her staff was responsive and empathetic throughout the process.

– Jenny G.

“Confident when we had our Hearings”

Without a doubt, I would highly recommend Ashley, June and the entire team! I had a unique situation that required me to start with an out of state hearing. Ashley took the time to reach out to other lawyers and ask for any recommendations for me in the state that I was having my hearing. She did this on her own time as I had not retained her and was not even in court in Ca yet. When my case was moved to Ca I knew that I wanted Ashley to represent me because I had such a level of comfort with her after a phone consultation. She listens with compassion and understanding, and was there for me throughout my entire custody ordeal. Ashley offered to be at my side when I had to deal with the other sides very aggressive attorney and made me feel very comfortable and confident when we had our hearings. June did an awesome job in writing up all of the statements- she was able to fit the most pertinent information within limited space confines. Priscilla was friendly with her communications as well. I ended up with a judgment that was in the best interest of my son, and I am so grateful for that. The entire team is a ‘dream team’, and anyone would be good in their hands!

– Jennifer C.

“Orange Coast Family Law is an Outstanding Firm”

Orange Coast Family Law is an outstanding firm. June is responsive, skilled, and well-versed in discovery, pre-trial work, and settlement negotiations. I couldn’t be happier with the service provided.

– Jessica D.

“Other Firms Could not Figure Out My Case”

Words cannot express my gratitude and relief. Ashley helped close a very difficult chapter in my life. She figured out my case within minutes over the phone. She was so kind and compassionate. I reached out to three other Attorneys prior to finding Orange Coast Family Law, APC. The other firms either could not figure out my case or were nonresponsive which really caused a lot of additional heartache. Ashley, and her firm would be the only Attorneys I would recommend. BEST PHONE CALL OF MY LIFE. I will never forget her. – Eternally Grateful.

– Dawn B.

“Passion for the Law”

“Ashley is a fantastic example of what a dedicated and trusted lawyer should look like. Her passion for the law and explaining the process patiently is outstanding. It was like having the strength of Hercules when she was by my side at my trial hearings. Highly recommended! If you are looking for a lawyer firm well respected in the court system, Check out Orange Coast Family Law!”

– Vanitha C.

“Ashley Provided a Warm Reassurance”

“Ashley’s professionalism, legal knowledge, kindness and patience was exactly what I needed to get through the horrors of a 3-year high conflict California divorce from a narcissist with sociopathic tendencies.

From day one during our preliminary consultation, Ashley provided a warm reassurance that made me feel safe. She explained every step and process along the way. She answered all of my questions.

Ashley worked tirelessly to come up with solutions to try and keep me out of a trial. The day I was deposed was heartbreaking and terrifying. Ashley offered me empathy and humor to help me through that traumatic event. For that, I will be forever grateful.

There aren’t enough good things I can say about Ashley Sedaghat. Not only did I “survive” this uncomfortable ordeal, I came out of it with everything I asked for – fair support orders, fair division of property, and a coparenting plan that works for everyone. And we did not have to go to trial. Ashley Sedaghat is my hero and it is such a blessing that she came into my life.”

– Rachel M.

“Tremendous Attention to Detail”

“I was referred by a friend to Ashley & June and they helped me through a bitter and nasty divorce. This was after working with another attorney’s office who did not listen to me, made mistakes on court documents, and did not present my case correctly. I had to find someone who would not make those same mistakes and I am so happy I found Ashley and June!

They were responsive, had a tremendous attention to detail, compassionately listened to me and my concerns and were patient with me when I was emotional and scared. My ex was very verbally abusive and threatening, and both Ashley and June would talk me through those very difficult times to help me fairly and justly draft a parenting plan that had our child’s best interest at heart and helped protect me from being at a long term significant risk financially by diplomatically presenting a fair agreement. In court, they were respectful of the bench, the process and the etiquette of the court. After each court appearance I felt good, I felt they knew exactly what to do and were ok if I wanted to speak up (vs my 1st attorney who would not let me talk in court). I felt heard, I felt cared for and was confident in their knowledge and experience.

If you want to feel like you have someone on your side to help inform, teach and understand the process and what the courts will or will not agree to, go no further than Orange Coast Family Law. They are on your side but will also let you know if what you are requesting in your order will be upheld in court, they are very realistic.”

Thank you both!!

-Kim W.

Quick to Take Action

“Experience with this firm was very impressive, very quick to take action, very informative and quick to respond. Very satisfied with this firm’s service.”

– Claudio M.

Helpful and Very Kind

“The people working at Orange Coast Family Law who helped me out with my case were so helpful and very kind and pleasant to work with. They helped me from day 1 till it was all over. Thank you so much for the help.”

– Luis C.

“Compassion and Support”

“If I could give 10 stars, I would! I highly recommend Ashley Sedaghat to anyone who asks me about family law. She is knowledgeable and professional, but still has the compassion and support that you need going through the litigation process. Hands down the best attorney I’ve worked with, (which unfortunately has been many). She will not disappoint, and has the aggressive approach that you want backing you in court.”

-Amanda S.

“Best Legal Counsel

“OC Family Law provided me with the best legal counsel and service for my divorce. They were kind, caring and compassionate on top of giving the best service available. Ms. Sedaghat and her team were more than I could ever have asked for going above and beyond to assure things worked out for me in addition to serving as the ultimate shoulder upon which I could lean.”

– Jeff B.

“Handled Things Quickly and Professionally”

“I personally could not have been happier with Orange Coast Family Law. I have dealt with many attorneys over the years and by far this has been the best one! Ashley and everyone at her firm handled things quickly and very professionally. Completely upfront, no delaying things, got things together and just made my life so much easier. I highly recommend this firm for any of your family law needs.”

-John O.

“Made the Entire Situation Easier”

“Most professional attorney I have ever worked with! She handled my divorce and made the entire situation a lot easier!!!”

– Heather O.

“My Divorce Would Have Been a Total Mess”

“June Lee and Ashley Sedaghat are an amazing team. My divorce would have been a total mess if it wasn’t for the hard and compassionate work these two provided. Thank you both for the countless hours of work and dedication to make my life a lot less stressful. My children and I are forever grateful.”
-Brandon H.

“Compassionate and Professional Service”

“Compassionate and professional service. Divorce is really hard and June was understanding and supportive the whole way through.”

-Crystal B.

“Excellent and Prompt Service”

“Orange Coast Family Law has the best divorce attorneys. Ashley Sedaghat was a pleasure to work with. She is very professional. She helped me tremendously with the last phase of my divorce.  She gives excellent and prompt service.  Would not trust anyone else with my case!  She’s truly an asset to the firm.  Would highly recommend this winning team.  Thank you Ashley for all the help and support.”
-Mojgan H.

“Kind, Helpful and Genuine”

“I reached out to this firm after the fact that I had a horrible experience with my previous lawyer at a different firm. The attorneys working in this firm are kind, helpful and genuine people who are always available to help you out when needed. It was a great choice to have them defend me in my case and I thank them for helping me through it. Thank you Ashley Sedaghat and June Lee for all your help!”
-Safa B.

“Things Finally Started to Get Done”

“I am so glad that I hired Orange Coast Family Law and I highly recommend them.  I hired them after I had to part with an attorney that simply was happy to let the case drag on and on.  Both my ex’s attorney and mine seemed happy to milk the case and allow MSC after MSC with nothing getting done.  The opposing lawyer and ex were uncooperative and would not provide required financial documentation.  My attorney at the time did nothing for me but overcharge, make excuses and give poor advice.  Once OCFL was on my side things finally started to get done.  They delivered on their promises and followed through with strategies.  They explained the laws as they pertained to the case and were very fair with their rates and charges.  The final outcome met my expectations and it’s finally over!  I wish I had known about them years ago.  They are competent attorneys with integrity and want to get the case done.”

– John B.

“We Won!”

“I would like to formally recommend Ashley. Hiring her was the best decision my family and I made. She has great work ethics and exemplary skills. I want to express my sincere appreciation for the most excellent manner in which Ashley represented my son. I truly appreciate the time she spent answering all of my questions, her advice and patience were a testament to her kindness and integrity. Ashley listened and fought for my son who is a minor all the way. She made a difficult time a little easier and less stressful. I was impressed with all of her counsel along the way.  Her presence made it very comfortable during court. I am proud to say that We Won! My family and I are forever thankful to Ashley. We definitely recommend Ashley Sedaghat, June Lee and Orange Coast Family Law to anyone seeking legal counsel.”

– Erika C.

“I Knew What to Expect Every Step of the Way”

“Ashley Sedaghat is the most kind and thoughtful lawyer. Having never needed the use of a lawyer prior, I had no idea how things needed to go or how they would go. Ashley made sure I knew what to expect every step of the way. She showed compassion and boldness when needed. I am beyond thrilled with how everything turned out, and it’s truly all thanks to her amazing services.”

– Courtney C.

“Put Me at Ease”

“Words cannot describe Ashley Sedaghat’s professionalism, attention to detail, knowledge, and how much she cares about people.  I have worked with a few attorneys in the past two years and wish I had found Ashley sooner.  She clearly explains the process and what is needed for filling out forms and writing declarations.  Her calm and caring personality, prompt responses, and perfect descriptions of the process had put me at ease.  I would highly recommend Ashley to anyone going through a divorce.”
-Sholeh S.

“A Delight to Work With”

“Ashley Sedaghat and Orange Coast Family Law was highly recommended to me by a trusted friend. Ashley and June Lee are extremely helpful and professional. I was amazed on how easy and smooth they made my divorce process for me. They were a delight to work with!!  Thank you so much ladies.”

– Angelica D.

“Patient and Willing to do Anything”

“I was referred to Ashley Sedaghat and she is amazing! She has helped with so much even during non-office hours. She is patient and willing to do anything for you. She is very detail oriented and will have your back the entire process. I highly recommend her!”

– Heidi O.

“Her Advocacy was Top-Notch”

“Ashley Sedaghat is the best! Professional, compassionate, efficient, and not afraid to think outside of the box. Where so many family law attorneys take a cookie-cutter approach, Ashley took a closer look at my situation and her advocacy was top-notch. Thanks Orange Coast Family Law!”

-Leah S.

“Hands down 5 stars”

Ashley Sedaghat is an amazing family law attorney.  The best I have ever met covering divorce, child custody, domestic violence, etc.  I don’t think I can trust anyone else in regard to these specific topics.  She is very professional, bright, understanding and does her job to the T.  Hands down 5 stars.

-Brandon T.

“Very Professional and Empathetic”

Ashley Sedaghat is a great person to work with she is very professional and empathetic. She did an excellent job during my child visitation case. She provided me with honest advice so I was able to do what is best for my family. Her knowledge and experience was extremely helpful. Ashley made sure that I stayed informed throughout the entire process. I will definitely recommend her to my family and friends. She is blessing to our family. Thank you again Ashley and June Lee.

– Adrian M.

“Saved Me and My Son”

Ashley Sedaghat saved me and my son from a toxic situation. She helped me guarantee my son had a healthy happy life by helping me through the custody and divorce process. She was diligent and making sure all paper work was done properly and on time. I owe so much to Ashley as my son and I would not have the happy life we have now. She saved my son from growing up in a toxic environment. I know she has heart for this and will work her hardest for her clients. I know because I have seen it firsthand. I would definitely recommend her services and I tell all my family and friends about her.”

– Danielle C.

“Made Themselves Available”

“I could not be happier with the service I received from Ashley Sedaghat and June Lee. They are very knowledgeable and detail oriented. I felt like they really cared. They made themselves available to answer any questions I had. I had a lot! I am so thankful!”

-David H.

“Thorough & Very Organized”

“Wonderful duo team of Ashley & June. They are very thorough & very organized team to take care of your sensitive issues. They are updated with all the current laws to assist & help with legal matters.”

-Asra H.

“Professional in Every Way”

Orange Coast Family Law walked me through the divorce process and showed me options to keep costs down. They were professional in every way and communication was very easy. Whenever I raised a question it was answered concisely and very easy to understand. It was not difficult to reach them and messages were promptly returned. I highly recommend them for anyone going through a divorce.

– James C.

“Empathy and Kindness”

I couldn’t recommend Ashley Sedaghat as an attorney more highly! Ashley is a professional and a hard worker. Her attention to detail and carefulness are exceptional and specifically translate to the actual legal work of filing forms and drafting letters perfectly. Beyond that, her care for others, empathy and kindness make it so her clients feel at ease about an uneasy process and advocated for by an expert. She helped me in an extremely important way through a difficult process.

– Jonathan K.

“Couldn’t Have Picked a Better Attorney”

I had the pleasure of speaking with Ashley Sedaghat and I couldn’t have picked a better attorney. I had so many questions regarding my child support/custody case, and she answered them all. I highly recommend Ashley and Orange Coast Family Law.

– Isidro G.

“Helped Me Stay Calm”

Ashley is an awesome attorney. She helped me through a difficult time, helped me stay calm and focused through the divorce process and I couldn’t have done it without her. I highly recommend her as a divorce attorney.

– Casey C.

“Helped Me and My Daughter Escape”

Ashley Sedaghat’s warm and positive attitude immediately put my mind at ease. From that very first call, a huge weight was lifted from my heart and that was because of Ashley’s calm vibes and encouraging words and actions. She helped me and my daughters escape long-term domestic abuse and played a huge part in ensuring our safety, and there is nothing more important than that. Having Ashley’s support and genuine care made all the difference in our lives and gave me the strength I needed to persevere and ultimately succeed in a situation that once felt impossible. Ashley has been and continues to be there for me in the toughest of times and words cannot express my gratitude. I strongly recommend her to anyone and everyone looking for a calm, confident, and caring attorney to help you and your family get to a place of peace and solace.

– Julie M.

“The Most Knowledgeable & Dedicated”

Ashley Sedaghat and June Lee are the most knowledgeable and dedicated family law attorneys in Southern California. They are brilliant in and out of the courtroom, plus they have great personalities and even bigger hearts. They have “seen and heard it all”, so you can be open and honest with them about your legal situation and they will work tirelessly around the clock to get you the best resolution possible. They have helped many of my colleagues and closest friends through very difficult legal situations, especially those stemming from divorce. Give them a call and you will immediately feel safe in their hands. They will counsel you, be your best ally and get you through your tough times, all at a very reasonable billing rate. They are truly the best family law practice around.

– Alison B.

“First-Rate Family Law Attorneys”

Ashley Sedaghat and June Lee are first-rate family law attorneys. I cannot say enough good things about them. They are extremely dedicated, hard working, and detail oriented. I highly recommend.

– Lucy C.

“Patiently Listens to Her Clients”

Ashley is the hardest working, dedicated, compassionate attorney I have ever come across in my lifetime. She patiently listens to her clients and is there for them 24/7. As a mother herself she understands working parents and family. I highly recommend her to anyone who may need any of her valuable services.

– Beth C.

“Committed Over 10 Years to Helping Others”

Ashley Sedaghat is a hard-working, well informed and knowledgeable attorney who has committed over 10 years to helping others. She has dedicated her legal career to providing representation and advice to spouses going through a divorce, parents dealing with child custody issues and victims of domestic violence. She is a very detail oriented person who supports open communication, is patient, and happy to walk you through the legal process and take care of your needs. If you are in need of legal representation in a family law case and looking for a confident attorney, I recommend contacting her at Orange Coast Family Law.

– Apryl I.


Ashley Sedaghat and June Lee are top notch family law divorce attorneys. They are both passionate about their work. They are very detailed oriented and kind. They take the steps to walk you through the process and answer your questions. They don’t rush you through your phone consults. They are both dedicated to helping their clients out with all of their divorce and child custody and child support needs. Communication is awesome and they are both 2 of the most patient attorneys you can ever meet or speak with. I highly recommend Orange Coast Family Law for any of your family law needs.

– Patricia V.

“Saved My Fatherhood”

“Without a doubt the most pain easing and compassionate duo in family law. Eight months ago my ex filed serious allegations to the court that were not true. That was tough. The allegations were serious enough that the court deemed it necessary for me to not have any access to my child for over 45 days. That was excruciating considering for her entire life up until that point I had seen her, held her and been a father to her. The filing was all of a sudden and put me, and come to find out my child, in shock. Bottom line is Ashley picked up the phone when I first called and she listened. I called a dozen other firms and they either had a computer answer or a desk attendant who quoted me for a consultation. I cried the first conversation with Ashley and for over an hour without hesitation she listened, and strangers or lawyers don’t usually do that. I highly recommend Ashley Sedaghat and June Lee for any family law related cases. They saved my fatherhood.  My daughter to this day is a happy little girl that is doing just fine.”

-Andrew G.

“Prompt, Responsive and Kind”

“Where do I even begin? I was completely lost when I had to file for divorce. I was with my ex for 18 years and 11 married. 2 kids, a house that sold, custody challenges and tons of community debt. My ex was not playing nice which made things even more scary and stressful. Ashley Sedaghat was there every step of the way. She was prompt, responsive and kind. She helped me through the biggest stress of my entire life. I truly don’t know how I could’ve gotten through this without her. Not just her knowledge and expertise, but her kindness and patience. Her attention to detail was a huge plus too! She had my back and I felt respected and cared for. I can’t thank her enough for all that she’s done for me and my two boys. So thankful she came into my life! Oh and did I mention she gave me different options of how she could represent me? My ex spent 1/3 more money retaining his mediocre attorney than I did with THE BEST!!! Ashley you are not just an incredibly attorney, you’re amazing human being and I’m thankful to have met you!! Thank you!!!”

-Sarah T.

“Always Returned My Calls”

I am grateful to June for her help in my divorce matter. Her calm demeanor and pragmatic approach helped me resolve my custody issues without litigation. She kept me informed throughout the divorce process and always returned my calls. June is trustworthy and reliable, and I am so thankful for her help and guidance. I highly recommend Orange Coast Family Law for your divorce or custody issues.

– Julie K.

“A Blessing to Our Family”

Ashley Sedaghat has been a such a blessing to our family. If you are looking for someone to take away as much stress as possible from what potential could be a very difficult situation- I could not recommend her enough. I’m so grateful for how much information and how comfortable she has made us feel. Thank you.

– Laura M.

“A Hard Work Ethic”

Ashley is truly a blessing to the family law legal community. She is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, dedicated to her clients, and possesses a hard work ethic. Ashley understands the difficulties of a divorce process; and because she is a working parent herself, she relates to the many challenges parents are presented with during this difficult time. With Ashley as your attorney, you will never feel like you’re in the dark. Ashley is there guiding you every step of the way; explaining things to you. I highly recommend contacting Ashley.

– Irene V.

“Gently Walked Me Through the Process”

Ashley helped me during a very difficult time in my life. I suddenly found myself needing to file for divorce. I had two young children; I was emotionally exhausted and had no idea where to begin. Ashley gently walked me through the process and gave me sound advice to aid me in making the best decisions for my family. She was professional and treated me as a priority. She also treated me as a friend in need. Her support got me through the divorce and enabled me to move on with my life.

– Kimberly E.

“Amazing Lawyers”

“I worked directly with Ashley, and her attention to detail was absolutely perfect. As a person who knows very little about family law, I sometimes become overwhelmed and need extra guidance before I can feel a semblance of comfort in such stressful matters. Ashley was able to cater to my needs by finding the details that needed attention, while also reassuring me that all was going to be okay. Thanks so much Orange Coast! You’ve proven yourselves to be an outstanding business and amazing lawyers.”

-Danielle Y.

“Prompt to respond”

Ashley is the best family law attorney.   When you’re going through a divorce or child custody hearing it can be draining and overwhelming. Ashley was so knowledgeable and patient with me as I was having major anxiety.  She was always prompt to respond to me and was very easy to talk to.  She was so professional and worked so hard and I was very happy when I left the courthouse.  If you’re looking for a great family law attorney, call her.

-Casie V.

“You Are in Good Hands”

Trying to find a good family law attorney is probably one of the most difficult and painful decisions most people will come across, and finding a good lawyer can make a world of a difference.  Ashley Sedaghat provides just that, a world of difference during those difficult moments.  Ashley is not only extremely knowledgeable and experienced in her field, but she is also someone who cares about her clients.  Her expertise in this area of law puts you at ease and it makes you feel confident you are in good hands.  She will answer every and any question you have, and she fill fight for her clients with conviction.  I cannot express how grateful and thankful I am to be able to turn to Ashley for help with family law matters, she really is a top notch attorney and a great human being!

– Eunice B.

“Highly Ethical”

“Ashley Sedaghat and June Lee were a pleasure to work with. They are highly ethical and always educated me on different options to consider when negotiating the terms of my divorce. I felt like they always had my best interest in mind. I also really appreciated how prompt they were with responding to me and how they handled working with the two very difficult attorneys my ex-wife hired. Ashley and June constantly had to follow up with the other attorneys because they continuously dragged their feet because my ex-wife wanted to be as difficult as possible. Ashley and June upheld California law despite what my ex-wife was trying to negotiate. Their fees are reasonable and I truly felt like they were invested in my case, pushing everything forward in a reasonable time frame. I am happy with the outcome of my divorce and I believe Ashley and June did the best they could to represent me. I would highly recommend you consider them for legal counsel.”

– Jack K.