Divorce cases can be worked through collaboratively between the spouses or through litigation. There are many decisions to be made along the way. Emotions and stress levels can run high, especially when dealing with issues regarding children or finances.
Orange Coast Family Law can provide legal guidance in the context of mediation or an uncontested divorce.


To reduce the costs of litigation and/or legal fees, you and your spouse may discuss or consider navigating the divorce process through mediation.
In mediation, we meet with you and your spouse together, and there is a free flow of information with a focus towards resolving issues amicably.
Whether you retain our law firm or another professional, we highly recommend using a California licensed family law attorney to guide you. A licensed family law attorney can provide legal advice and perspective as to how a judge may rule on certain issues. This is helpful to you when weighing the pros and cons of a collaborative versus contested divorce process.


An alternative to mediation (but a similar concept) is proceeding with an uncontested divorce. What this means is that you and your spouse have reached an agreement regarding the issues in your matter (or believe that you can), and you desire to complete the divorce process without litigation.
In an uncontested divorce, we can guide you, as an individual, through the divorce process and avoid court hearings or a trial completely. We will facilitate the entire case through dialogue with you and your spouse and prepare the necessary legal documents.
With this option, we will only provide legal advice to you (as our client) and not your spouse—but we can still facilitate a smooth, uncontested, lower cost process.


We welcome the opportunity to assist you in turning the page to the next chapter with less stress, lower costs and a focus on collaboration for the best interest of all involved.
Please contact us for more information about mediation and/or the uncontested divorce process. We provide a free, confidential phone consultation for prospective clients.